More than just Capital.
We invest our Experience and Influence.

Elevation Capital is an early stage private investment company established in 2010. Funds are co-invested to facilitate participation in a diverse range of business ventures whilst spreading costs, risks and rewards for our shareholders.

Our mission is to help early-stage entrepreneurs to reach their business goals by providing expansion capital and strategic support. Elevation Capital is the conduit between an entrepreneur, initial capital raisings, the growth journey and a successful “exit” path.

You started with the idea. 

Our mentors  with the know-how to support your growth.

Our team is passionate about investing in innovative, entrepreneurial businesses needing additional capital to drive expansion and generate revenues. Our preference is for companies with the following attributes:

  • Simple, focused model
  • Passionate and driven founding team
  • Founders who can explain their business model in a 30 second elevator ride.
  • Access to large existing or potential markets both in Australia and beyond our shores.
  • Differentiated product or service with a competitive advantage in a growth market
  • effective use of technology to disrupt traditional markets
  • clear exit potential

Elevation capital represents a community of active angel investors who want to get involved and make a difference in businesses we think matter.

If you want venture capital with the benefits of experienced human capital behind it, we are the right people