More than just Capital. We like to invest.

Elevation Capital was formed by a group of successful entrepreneurs who have co-invested in order to pool together their capital and experience. We consider ourselves to be “venture accelerators” rather than venture capitalists. Elevation Capital truly understands the unique challenges faced by entrepreneurs and are aware that it takes more than just capital for a company to succeed. Each entrepreneur we partner with has access to our entire team’s wealth of experience and also our strong network of advisors.

Elevation Capital is a professional and committed organisation and is able to invest quickly when a good business opportunity presents itself. We appreciate the challenge that entrepreneurs face when trying to raise capital while also dealing with the daily time constraints of running their businesses.

What we like to invest in

Innovative and entrepreneurial companies in need of further capital in order to expand, generate revenues and achieve their business goals. We like companies that can demonstrate the following:

  • Passionate and driven entrepreneurs / founders
  • Access to large, existing or potential markets in Australia or globally
  • A differentiated product or service that has a competitive advantage in a growth market
  • The effective use of technology and the internet to disrupt traditional markets
  • Simple and focused – able to describe their business model in a thirty second elevator ride
  • A clear exit potential

Where we invest

We mainly invest in disruptive technology companies that are wholly or substantially located in Australia. However, on a selective basis, we may make investments offshore and also in non-technology companies where a strong business growth potential exists.

When we invest

Elevation Capital typically invest early in the life of the company and in many cases, we are the first round of funding post seed capital. Our investment size ranges from $100,000 to $3 million. We also expect to participate in follow-on investments at later stages for companies that successfully execute their business plans. Elevation Capital prefers to take a board seat in the companies we invest in and are active in supporting the entrepreneur wherever assistance is required. However, we do not necessarily seek to control the companies we invest in.

How we work

Elevation Capital will typically limit our investments to 3-5 new investments per year. We are available as a team to the companies we invest in. While the amount of involvement in a company depends on the stage of the company, we typically get involved in recruiting talent, market intelligence, business development, strategic planning, follow-on capital raisings and exit planning.